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Bingo Rocks and Christmas Socks!!!... and more!!!

Rock and Roll bingo is filling up fast! Make sure you call and reserve your spot today! The last edition of the year goes on Friday! 403-649-2002

The World Cup is still ongoing even without Canada. We will have the noon quarterfinal matches on the tv on Friday (Croatia vs Brazil) and Saturday (England vs France). Come join us to see who will advance to the semis!

We got some new Christmas socks in stock, if you need something to stuff that stocking, come check those out along with all of our other merch, it makes a great Christmas gift for every beer lover in your family!

There is still time to book your holiday party at the brewery! We would be happy to host you and your friends, family, business or enemy’s (who are we to judge who you want to spend the holidays with?). Give us a call at 403-649-2002 to make arrangements! See you soon!

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